Law and Infrastructure (Investor's Guide)

Data 11/08/2014

Synopsis: Poor Brazil's infrastructure is a major bottleneck to the balanced development of the country. Anticipating that investors and State have no alternative but to face this problem in very short term (because of the urgency to solve it with the proximity of the World Cup), several professionals Lxnet law firms network were involved in the production of this book to meet basic issues which will arise for the investor. The work deals in a practical way the various aspects associated with investments in key sectors of infrastructure as Energy, Transport, Sanitation and Telecommunications, indicating forms of access to funds for investment and the characteristics involved in the fields of Tax Law and Labor to be observed with caution.


The Right of the Individual Work

Data 11/08/2014

Synopsis: The current world scenario drives us to seek the most diverse information possible. On the other hand, front of the irreversible process of globalization, It concludes that it is more relevant to conquer a market the cost of the product or service than the place of its production. This way, considering that labor is an important factor in the composition of production costs, It is certainly a differential time to elect the place to establish a production unit, to analyze in advance and easily which is the most competitive country in this respect. So, a LEXNET – Law Firms Alliance, formed by more than 300 lawyers in law firms in Latin America, with an innovative vision, brought together in one book, in both languages ​​on the continent, labor laws governing individual labor relations in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. The book "Law of Individual Work - Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay ", which aims to facilitate the understanding of different aspects of benefits, limits and the hiring costs of work in each of these countries, It presents principles, guidelines and nerve center of issues relating to labor law in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Revista tributária das américas volume 02

Tax journal of the Americas (Volume 02)

Data 25/06/2014

I – DOCTRINE INTERNATIONAL: 1. Trebilcock e a elisão fiscal (BENJAMIN Alarie); 2. Tax evasion and tax crime contrast (DANIEL IRWIN YACOLCA DOORS); 3. Rethinking the foreign tax credit (DANIEL SHAVIRO) 4. Chilean budgetary law: notes on its actors, procedure and principles in the Constitution (SERGIO ENDRESS G.); II – NATIONAL DOCTRINE: 1. Active subject of the ICMS-Import (ANA AMELIA Tormin PEREIRA RAMOS); 2. Installment, and prescription moratorium on tax matters - Relevant issues (EDUARDO JACOBSON NETO E PEDRO ANAN JR.); 3. Income tax and social contribution calculation base: mandatory profit arbitration in cases of disregard of accounting writing (FATHER TOOK FABIANA); 4. Legal impossibility of repeating the tredestinação social contributions in Brazil (FERNANDO GOMES Favacho); 5. Pragmatic value of presumptions in tax law in the light of the Brazilian doctrine: brief analysis of the functions and purposes of the assumptions in the Tax Law (FLORENCE HARET); 6. The Tribute and Philosophy (IVES GANDRA DA SILVA MARTINS); 7. General repercussion: a new path between civil law and common law through semiotics and systems theory. (JONATHAN BARROS VITA); 8. Ages! The tax took? (JULIO CESAR PEREIRA); 9. Jurisprudence of changes in tax law and the principle of non-retroactivity (Tailor MISABEL ABREU MACHADO); III – JURISPRUDENCE ANNOTATED: 1. REsp 1185070/RS: Superior Court bare shortcomings of the regulatory agencies of the country (CHRISTIAN JANNONE CARRION); IV – PARECER: 1. Tax on Services of Any Nature - ISS. Graphic printing services of books, newspapers and periodicals. Immunity of books, newspapers, periodicals and the paper intended for the printing. Hypothesis and purpose of the immunity rule. Comprehensive interpretation (HUMBERTO AVILA); V – SELECTED JURISPRUDENCE, IMPACT GENERAL AND PRECEDENTS (Organized by Diego Bomfim): 1. Selected jurisprudence of the Supreme Court; 2. Selected jurisprudence of the Supreme Court; 3. Tax matters with general repercussion recognized by the Supreme Court; 4. Binding precedents; 5. Precedents of the Superior Court of Justice.


Judicial Recovery (The need to opportunity)

Data 25/06/2014

Sinopse: To gain more and more competitive in the global market, Brazil needs to rely on updated legal provisions. In this sense, a Lei n. 11.101/2005, known as the Recovery Act Businesses and Bankruptcy, is a modern answer to Brazilian law this dynamic and challenging environment. This book, It brings together the knowledge of some of Brazil's biggest experts in the field of legislation linked to issue addressed, and brings the important perspective of renowned foreign lawyers. He draws the focus of ideological and treats from bankruptcy as a tool for companies in times of trouble. This does not mean that the work that you have on hand is aimed only at business recovery. Meet Brazilian law, their similarities and differences with the regulations of other countries, the precautions that should be taken when companies are in crisis is essential for the entrepreneur wins, with strategic vision and certain decisions, the challenges of an increasingly global market.


Global Warming and Carbon Credits

Data 23/06/2014

Synopsis: Lexnet is the result of the dream of certain lawyers looking out the dynamism that can be achieved by building a network of relationships that brings together business law firm, for integrated action, serving customers throughout Brazil. This work, faces is a modern theme according to the vision of the future of these experts.