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Who We Are

CARRION LAWYERS was constituted as a society to provide services in 1984 endorsing in tradition started in 1936 with Felipe Machado Carrion and reaffirmed in 1965 his son Roberto Flour Machado Carrion. The third generation, represented by Leonardo Jannone Carrion and Cristiano Jannone Carrion, mean innovation necessary for the continuity of the recognition at the legal market. The long and fruitful relationship of trust with customers is the quality of the work. In the coming years, our goal is to strengthen regional and national presence in areas of expertise met (taking advantage of the important Alliance we've formed with Lexnet – Law Firms Alliance), always treating each case and each dispute with dedication only, all in order to enhance our progress values, transparency, agility, quality and commitment to the successful mission of ethics, Justice and customer satisfaction.



Advocate, with ethics and responsibility, to the success of our customers.


Work for progress, in every way;
Service with quality;
Working in partnership with clients and colleagues;
Respect the ethics in all situations;
Have professional and social responsibility.


Be recognized for valuing the constant study of the science of law, by identifying innovative and intelligent solutions in cases where we operate, by establishing strategic alliances and to achieve permanent positive results, always ensuring the continuity of knowledge and legal tradition initiated in 1936 for future generations.